JConcepts Summer Tour round 2, Belleview Florida

What started off as a great day of racing ended after round one of qualifying when the skies opened up and drowned the track.

During round one, the track was just drying out from the previous nights rain, and traction was hard to find. Zack qualified second overall in Mod buggy in round one with is Proline, Novak, Airtronics, Avid, MIP, Stickit1 Racing and Kustomrcgraphics ride and was looking forward to the second run after figuring out his tire program.

Awards were decided on one round, and Zack got 2nd in Mod buggy and I got 1st in 40 plus 2wd buggy.

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Short Course Showdown Holeshot Raceway Sanford Florida

We didn’t have the results we were hoping for, but Zack and I had a blast attending a race we otherwise would not get to experience, but luckily it was moved to Florida. Just a couple pictures, as we were wrenching and testing, and I wasn’t able to take my normal amount of photos.


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Team Associated SC10.2

So I got my paint on a new release, sweet!

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2013 Catcus Classic, Scottsdale Arizona

We started the week off visiting Brian at BC1 Graphics, super cool shop and awesome decals and wraps.

StickIt1Racing Headquarters


Day one, track repair due to large amounts of rain the previous week




Working at it

Practice day, seeded into both 13.5 A mains with 3 consecutive laps

Chillin in the Novak pits

Filling out the sponsor sheet for the 13.5 truck a main

After the definition of a tough week with no luck on our side, I still managed to get a smile.


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Motorama 2013

We had a super busy weekend, Zack ran 3 classes on the 1/10th track and I ran one class on the 1/8 track so I wasn’t able to take many pictures or write up my normal race report.

Zacks stadium truck was the vehicle that was hooked up the most all weekend, and he qualified 2nd and ended up third in the Amain.

Mod Stadium truck
1- Kyle Rhodes – AE
2- Brent Thielke – AE
3- Zack Genova – Kyosho


I barely made the b main after qualifying was complete, starting 10th. I finished 4th and had a lot of fun, E Truggy may now be my favorite class!

Oh, did I mention it was COLD!!!

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Reedy Race 2013 Photo Tour

2013 Reedy Race is in the books and we had a great time! Zack put in a 8th overall in open 2wd in round 3 and ended up putting it in the C main after qualifying was complete, which met our goals for this year! 4wd was fun as well, with Zack and Andy Dibrino bumping out of 2 mains together.

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Pro-Line Factory Team 2013


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After a dominating 2012 race season, capturing 7 ROAR National Titles, Pro-Line is proud to present our Factory Team driver line up for the 2013 Racing Season. This world class field of drivers are sure to reward Pro-Line’s customers with continued industry leading product innovations.
– Team Pro-Line
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LiveRC congratulates the 2012 ROAR National Champions

By Mike Garrison
Across the nation in 2012 there has been non-stop wheel to wheel racing in all classes, both onroad and offroad. Arguably, the most prestigious races to win in the United States are the ROAR National events.
After an entire year of racing we wanted to look back at all of the 2012 ROAR events and once again congratulate the 2012 ROAR National Champions on their well-deserved victories!

ROAR  Electric Offroad Nationals:

1:10 Modified 2wd Buggy
1st – Ryan Cavalieri – Team Associated
2nd – Jared Tebo – Kyosho
3rd – Ryan Maifield – Team Associated

1:10 Modified 4wd Buggy
1st – Ryan Cavalieri – Team Associated
2nd – Jared Tebo – Kyosho
3rd – Dakotah Phend – TLR

1:10 Modified Stadium Truck
1st – Ryan Cavalieri – Team Associated
2nd – Ryan Maifield – Team Associated
3rd – Dustin Evans – TLR
1:10 Modified 2wd SCT
1st – Ryan Cavalieri – Team Associated
2nd – Ryan Maifield – Team Associated
3rd – Jared Tebo – Kyosho
1:10 Modified 4wd SCT
1st – Ryan Maifield – Team Associated
2nd – Dakotah Phend – TLR
3rd – Ty Tessman – Hot Bodies

1:8 Electric Buggy
1st – Ty Tessman – Hot Bodies
2nd – Steven Hartson – Team Associated
3rd – Jared Tebo – Kyosho
1:10 17.5 2wd Buggy
1st – Kevin Motter
2nd – Nolan Anderson
3rd – Zack Genova
1:10 17.5 4wd Buggy
1st – Zack Genova
2nd – Nick Sava
3rd – Jason Dias

1:10 17.5 Stadium Truck
1st – Nolan Anderson
2nd – Kevin Motter
3rd – Zack Genova
1:10 17.5 2wd SCT
1st – Kevin Motter
2nd – Jason Dias
3rd – Matt Gilbert

ROAR Fuel Offroad Nationals:

1:8 Buggy
1st – Ty Tessman – Hot Bodies
2nd – Dakotah Phend – TLR
3rd – Jared Tebo – Kyosho

1:8 Truggy
1st – Ty Tessman – Hot Bodies
2nd – Dakotah Phend – TLR
3rd – Josh Wheeler – XRAY

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Region 4 2012 Regional Championships Shiverville Raceway

Friday was practice for our Regional 4 Championships. We tested set ups and tires choices through out the day. It was overcast and pretty chilly so the track was pretty loose. Not knowing if the sun would be out in the next couple days, we found what what was working and made notes in case the weather stayed the same. If the sun came out, it would be super high bite within hours. The track was a new layout and was flowing and lots of fun with a new triple and step up table top.

Saturday started 3 rounds of qualifying using the qual points system and Sunday would be all the mains, including triple A mains for all classes. Qualifying went pretty smooth and Zack made all 4 mains, Mod 2wd, Mod 4wd, Mod SC and Mod Truck. We prepped late into the night, getting ready for Sunday’s mains.

In Mod truck Zack secured the overall win in the first 2 mains. In Mod Short Course the overall was undecided until A 3.  Zack took the win and the overall. In Mod 2wd the overall was also undecided going into A3. Zack had a 2nd so a win would tie and go to the fastest time tie breaker, which he was shooting for. Some rough and overly aggressive driving early on put him into a pipe and in catch up mode, and although he wheeled the tires off the buggy once he was turn marshaled, he was unable to get back to the 2 car lead pack, ending up with a 5th overall.

Overall a great and action packed 3 day event with hugh props going out to Shiverville Raceway, owners Ken and Cheryl Shiver, and their great track crew!!!!!





TQ and Win Mod Stadium Truck

TQ and Win Mod Short Course

Team Kyosho

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JConcepts Supercup final round, Coral Springs

November 16 – 17

Report via Larry Genova

Early Friday morning we headed down to Coral Springs for the final round of the JC Supercup, riding with Team Lewis. After the 5 1/2 hour drive, we arrived, set up our pits and got ready for practice. Zack ran 2 packs in his buggy and the sky opened up, ending practice early. With not much else to do for the day, we went to do some indoor go cart racing.

Saturday qualifying was held up as the track crew prepped the track and worked on getting rid of all the standing water. Zack TQ’ed mod truck by 2 laps and ran a 2nd overall in 2wd. A bit of bad luck in 4wd, a broken front a-arm in the round kept him out of the top 10.

With various technical issues, round one took half the day, and the decision to go straight into the mains was made. The track crew had to dig up a portion of the track and install a new timing loop. So cars were prepped for the main and we hung out and chilled for a while.

The Sun stayed out most of the day during qualifying, and the track started to come along nice. A little slick, but much dryer. It took a handful of throttle control to kick off fast, consistent laps.

First up was the 4wd B main, Zack started in the rear and moved up to take the win and bump into the A main. In the Main, starting towards the rear, Zack managed to move up to take 3rd, which also secured the points for the overall series win.

Next up was Mod Truck, starting on the pole, Zack got a great start and led to the tone.

Finally Mod Buggy was up, early in the race Zack moved up to 1st and held it to the tone.

We traveled with Brian and Landen Lewis on this trip, and Landen won Stock Buggy, Great Job Landen. I made my first Supercup A Main, and put my Novak Powered Kyosho RB5 on the podium in 2nd place.

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