Painting for…

Some of the Racers KG paints for are:

Ryan Maifield, JConcepts, RCDriver, Travis Azmecua, Cody King, Tanner Denny, Leon McIntosh, , Zack Genova, Tanner Denny, Spencer Rivken, Riker Gatenbury, Chris Viesins, Robert Molino, Brett Kingsbury, Jonathan Paulk, Casey Wilson and more!

KG has also painted for in the past:

RC Racer magazine in the UK, Nascar driver Kyle Bush, Motocross’s Malcolm Stewart, LA Lakers Andrew Bynum, Jared Tebo, Frank Root, Lee Martin, Jeremy Kortz, Billy Easton, Mark Pavidis, NBA player Ben Wallace, Cody King, Jorn Neumann, Kevin Motter, Ty Tessman, Chris Jarosz, Spaz Stix/HRP, Paul Wynn, RC Car Action

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