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Once in a great while you are touched by someone special


Our son David was diagnosed with cancer at three, and became a Make a Wish kid. As a result, we were introduced to the blue angels and have developed a special relationship with the squadron.

Our little cancer survivor is absolutely losing his mind right now with Joy. Your work has made his life a little brighter. I hope that makes YOU feel good too.





Number one Team Driver, my son

Zack Genova

Emails that make me proud:

Larry, Thought I would share a story as I know you are a proud Dad like me. As you know WCRC is our local track. We know a ton of folks there. Brenden and I went to go watch a few of the races. No one really knows that I know you and your son. When we were walking  around the pits your son was the buzz. A lot of our friends were all talking about your son and how awesome he was doing. Not only that and probably more importantly they were saying what a great, nice and polite kid he was. Thought I would share, you should be proud. Good luck to him in the second half

Very cool.  I kept looking for Zack in the pits a couple of days ago, but would always see an empty pit.  Finally, I saw him after the awards were given and congratulated him.  He was a bit curious as to who I was as we’ve never met before, but he was very humble which I appreciated.  You should be proud!
Team Drivers:
Zack Genova      Florida
Landen Lewis     Florida
Ryan Maifield     Arizona
Tanner Denney   Arizona
Dillan Voelker     Omaha
Paul Wynn           Florida
 Jeremy Harris     Florida

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