March Race Reports

March was a great month, Zack and I headed out to Arizona for the Catcus Classic. Zack flew out to this race with JConcepts last year and put his 2wd buggy in the 13.5 A main, but this year I get to go!!! We arrived in Arizona and Chris Bennett picked us up at the airport, after scrambling for a pop up, tables and chairs at almost midnight, we were ready to settle in and get a good night sleep, the time change kicked my butt, lol. Up early and 2 solid days of practice and testing set ups, cars were looking good. I stood in line at the drivers stand for 45 minutes so Zack could get a 4 minute practice run. He said Cavelari’s Dad is doing it for him! LOL . We were at the track around 7am till 11pm, long days. I know I learned a ton of valuable information. I told Zack, we are here for fun buddy, no pressure. After the first round of qualifing, and Zack was sitting in all 3 A mains, I changed my mind and said fun is over, lets race! Hahahaha, just messing around. 2wd 13.5 had around 70 entries and Zack qualified 5th overall after 4 rounds, he finished one round 3rd overall. He was on the bubble with the 13.5 4wd, we run mod and I had to learn the esc timing and boost, the car was falling off at around 4 minutes. Think we have it figured out for next time.

Over all an incredible week and we cannot wait until next years Catcus! Traveling across the country, and making the A main out of 70 buggies was incredibly impressive to me!

Other than that, just put in some practice, and club races.

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