Club Racing

Last night Zack and I met up with Jason and Austin Venezia, Jeremy Harris and Ken and his son from the Asylum here in Ocala at New Red Hobbies new off road track. We even had a rare apparance from the one and only Matt Mosieur, although he didn’t stay for the mains, I think he had something else on his mind. The track is different than most Florida off road tracks, it is a wet, loomy black dirt, that somewhat packs as the racing goes on, and it gives mad traction. The word at the drivers meeting was that Mod Short Course was paying $50.00 if one driver TQs and wins the class. Zack was all over that! However, on the TQ run in the 2nd qualifier, his motor/esc gave up at the 4 minute mark, too much traction and a heavy throttle finger is all I can figure. With that, mod buggy was left. Jeremy Harris TQed, with Zack in 2nd. The main was a great battle early between Jeremy and Zack, with Jeremy taking first and Zack taking 2nd. I ran mod truck and got my 2nd TQ and win in a row. Not a very contested class, but still fun! It was great to see the guys make the 2 hour drive up to Ocala to hang out and do some racing.
Today we are headed up to Shriverville for some more good times and racing!

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